Deep clean

It may have been a while since you have had the time for an intense house clean, so to get your home back to sparkle and shine we offer a deeper clean for all our new regular clients.


This may be quoted at an extra hour or two beyond what will become your regular clean duration. This added time allows us to get right into all those knooks and crannies, bringing your home up to a regular cleaning standard.


We can also offer our deep clean to those who need a spruce up before a big home event or house sale.

Min cost $140

Regular clean

This is what we specialise in. If your looking for a weekly, fortnightly or even a regular monthly clean Bird and Broom can provide you with a service you will be happy to come home to.


We love the finer details and we like to do the best job we can from top to toe each time, your quote will include the time that will allow us to provide this service.


Our minimum time is 3 hours @ $100 and within that fee we provide nearly all equipment and products. The only thing we need is a your vacuum, the rest is up to us.

Extras we find best left to the experts in their field.

We do not offer an oven clean, please check out Google there you will find many listed Eco Oven Cleaners on the Sunshine Coast! Prices can vary a lot so grab your stove top and oven measurements and call a few to compare.

Full Window Cleaning

The people in this industry are trained to be fast and effective to get your windows and even glass pool fencing perfect. They use the best equipment and products specifically for the perfect streak free finish. There are many recommended window cleaners locally and they are just a Google search away. For one nearest you follow this link - Window Cleaners Sunshine Coast.

What our clean includes

Our cleans include...


Dusting throughout

Cobweb removal

Wiping down of window sills

Buff of furnishings


Flooring throughout

Wipe door handles and light switches

Kitchen: Wipe down benches, sinks, stove tops, cupboard frontage and polish tap ware and any visible appliances

Bathrooms: Wipe down benches, sinks, showers, mirrors, bath, cupboard frontage and polish tap ware


When time allows we also...

Spot clean marks on walls

Spot clean doors

Glass sliding doors


A Deep Clean is simply a clean that will require a deeper / longer version of the above. If you require something extra that is not listed it can be discussed at an in-home quote.

Our cleans include all quality plant based products that are proudly Australian.

Please note: from time to time a chemical based product may need to be used, please notify us if your family has allergies.